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Eric M. Witchey wears a number of hats. His compulsion, and he means that word clinically when he uses it, drives him to understand how his written words cause results in the mind and heart of the reader. To that end, he has worked freelance for over 25 years as a full-time communication consultant, a student of written communication, a writer of tales, a ghost writer, a business writer, a technical writer, a course developer, a corporate trainer, a college instructor, a seminar instructor, and a private tutor.

While this web site calendar is primarily for fans of his fiction, it also includes events that support his other activities. Mr. Witchey does not really make a strong distinction between one type of writing and another. Rather, he focuses on audience perception and appropriate use of technique. When teaching fiction writers, he is fond of saying, "I have only one rule. Affect the reader's emotions. Everything else is a technique."





August 11th-14th

Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, OR.

A Four-Course Sequence

Award-winning writing Eric M. Witchey will lead four seminars at Willamette Writers this year. Taken in sequence, they build on one another; however, any one will stand alone. Each focuses on an aspect of craft critical to the development of story--short or long.

The Power of the Irreconcilable Self

Friday, 1:30-3:00 in St. Helens B. Award-winning writer and teacher Eric Witchey will guide this presentation and discussion of character psychology and the one, key characteristic that writers must manage in order to make characters believable, succeed in character transformation, and generate a character-relevant, thematically satisfying climax.

Using Premise to Hit Your Dramatic Targets

Saturday, 8:30-10:00 in St. Helens B. Award-winning writer and teacher Eric Witchey will guide this exploration of Lajos Egri's concept of premise and how writers can use premise to conceive, develop, revise, and polish story. Be warned. This seminar is not an exploration of the term premise as used in Hollywood. This seminar is a nuts-and-bolt look at controlling thematic statements as production tools and how those themes interact with choices at all levels of story production.

Controlling Story Layers with ED ACE

Sunday, 8:30-10:00 in St. Helens B. Award-winning writer and teacher Eric Witchey will present this audience-interactive seminar on how character Emotion drives Decision, which drives Action, which generates Conflict, which results in a new character emotion. Mr. Witchey will demonstrate how the ED ACE cycle can be used to generate flash fiction, short fiction, novellas, and novels. Once participants grasp the power of this amazing tool, they will never see story the same way again.

Write a Story NOW: Fast Fiction Prototyping with Premise, Irreconcilable Self, and ED ACE

Sunday, 1:30-2:30 (or so) Award-winning writer and teacher Eric Witchey will present guide this fast-paced, energetic story building session. Together with audience, he will create a story in real time. While producing the story, he will demonstrate the use of Lajos Egri's premise to control direction and dramatic content, the Irreconcilable Self to determine character change and transformation, and ED ACE to control overall structure and scene content. Participants will do all this while laughing, making stuff up, and generally having a good time.

Young Willamette Writers

Eric Witchey will be discussing all aspects of fiction writing during a lunch meeting with the Young Willamette Writers at 12:45pm to 1:30pm on Friday in the Garden Room.


Eric Witchey will be signing copies of books that can be purchased from the conference Barnes and Noble store. For time and location, refer to your conference schedule.

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September 21st

WordCrafters in Eugene Wine on Wednesday

One hour of wine, chatting about writing, and signing. Topic TBD. 7-9pm at Territorial Vinyards Tasting Room; 907 West Third Ave. in Eugene, Oregon.

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October 28th-30th

Ghost Story Weekend for WordCrafters

Eric Witchey will be the writer in residence at this annual weekend retreat at The McKenzie River Mountain Resort in Blue River, Oregon. He will be available for one-on-one consults and general advice on all aspects of writing, including the development of the story (or stories) created during the retreat. He will also attempt to write a story from scratch during the retreat just like everybody else. The retreat is all about writers cutting loose the fetters on their creativity and trying to scare the bejeezus out of one another with a story produced in twenty-four hours. Except for one, the meals are coordinated, cooperative potluck. Participants arrive and check in Friday afternoon, gather for a group dinner at Takoda’s Restaurant, then meet for a brief review of rules, regulations, and etiquette. Then, the writing begins! Participants attempt, and often succeed, in writing one story before the evening reading after dinner on Saturday night. Any type of story is fine, though ghost stories are certainly given highest honors. Sunday morning after breakfast, everyone gathers to do a light critique of each story in an attempt to identify “best next steps” for taking that story to publishable level.

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November 1st. 6:30-8:00pm

Speaking and Signing at Willamette Writers Meeting at Old Church

Eric Witchey will be speaking and signing books at the Willamette Writers Meeting at Old Church in Portland, Oregon. The topic for discussion has not been determined. Suggestions are welcome. Books available will include Short Story America anthologies, Professor Witchey's Miracle Mood Cure collection, and Bull's Labyrinth.

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